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JUICY. Cold-pressed juice is a staple in many of our diets these days, and it's no wonder why! Juice made with a cold-press is a nutrient-rich, antioxidant loaded, hydrating way to get all your fruits and veggies in one delicious drink.

NUTRIENTS. Plants hold their most valuable nutrients near the fiber, when you press these vibrant fruits and veggies with over fifteen thousand pounds of pressure, the nutrients burst and flow into the juice. This process creates a juice that is milky in consistency and is truly loaded with high vibe nutrients and plant life energy.

PLAY. So why limit this great nutrients to only juices? There are many ways to incorporate juice into your diet without just drinking the juice itself. We have a couple really creative and interesting ideas for your cold-pressed juice.


1.Conscious Cocktails. When that bridal party comes around or that Friday night is getting started, try using your cold-pressed juice in place of the super sugary hangover promoting standard mixers. Cold-pressed juices are delicious and can add a little bit of nutrients and natural hydration to your cocktail. Our favorite is the Glowtini!


• 3 oz of organic vodka •

• 1 oz organic peach schnapps •

• 1 oz of our Glowing Greens (or your go-to green juice) •

• 1 oz of our Liquid Gold (or favorite citrus juice) •

• 1 tsp Agave •

• Lemon twist •


2.  Get fancy with your smoothie by using your cold-pressed juice as a base instead of the standard almond milk. Our favorite is using our Pure Greens juice and adding Sunwarrior Protein, a banana and spouted almonds. Top with a bit of bee pollen and you have a superfood smoothie that is dynamite in flavor and nutrition to get you glowing now. 
3. Freeze you juice for gorgeous ice cubes that will dress up any water or juice. This is fun for get togethers and holiday parties. Freeze your favorite cold-pressed juice and create beautifully color nutrient-rich ice cube. 
4.  Juice pops! A flavor explosion and a color blast, you'll have the tastiest and most nutritious pops at the pool this summer. Simply freeze your favorite juice with a popsicle stick and enjoy. 
5.  Use your cold-pressed juice as the base for baby food. Our founder Summer Sanders say's that using juice in her sons food give him a vitamin boost and get's his taste buds familiar with the vegetables.


• 1/2 cup Pure Greens •

• 1/2 banana •

• 1/2 cup sprouted oats •

• 1/2 cup blueberries •

• Pinch of Real Salt •

Pulse in a food processor and let baby enjoy!


Do you have a favorite way to use your cold-pressed juice?

We'd love to hear your creative ways you use your juice!

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