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Mike and Summer Sanders started Local Juicery in mid 2014. It slowly started with Summer doing small pop-up shops and pressing juice with a Norwalk, with her baby in his sling. She began to share her passion of cleansing and plant-based food with the Sedona community and the response was amazing! Each pop-up shop would sell out within minutes. Summer had dreamed of opening a small, plant-inspired cafe for years. After giving birth to their first child, Henry, she felt the confidence to follow the calling. With Mike’s unwavering support, she was able to turn the dream into a reality. "We wanted to create a place that would bring together families and friends even if they all ate in different ways," says Summer. Local has kept this in mind, feeding all walks of life with the intention of educating and enriching the lives of those who visit Local Juicery. 

At Local, we never sacrifice quality for quantity. You can always rely on receiving delightful glowing juice, superfood infused smoothies, and high vibrational foods made from exclusively organic goods. We think nature has it right: simple, clean, and elegant foods from the earth… We simply add the love. 

We believe that what you eat fuels how you think, love, work, and play. By grounding your diet in the elegant simplicity of plant-based foods and vibrant cold-pressed juice, you can't help but glow! 

Come visit us for the the best healthy food and finely crafted juices in Arizona. With locations in Sedona and Flagstaff.

Love your body, feed your soul, drink your juice. 


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