A bubbly laugh sounds as a woman with a bright smile, glowing eyes, and a confident stature strolls into our little juicery. As she reaches to embrace us, a small bee tattoo is on her  wrist. In many cultures, the bumble bee represents community, brightness and personal power; needless to say, Emily Dension embodies this necessary and beautiful creature. She's a leader, a beauty, a climber, a yogi, a boss! From dreams of traveling to France, to indulging in the comical movie “Ace Ventura When Nature Calls,” Emily radiates an energy that is unlike any other.

Emily is the store manager at Lululemon Flagstaff,  as well as an amazing yoga teacher and fitness inspiration to many. Emily leads a lifestyle of health and fitness that focuses on accepting her body, embracing her community, and loving the life she has. Being a woman of strength and positivity, we are excited to welcome Emily Denison as our first “Belle Fleur” subject. 

Belle Fleur: What does inspired mean to you?

Emily: When I am most inspired, it is when I am following my dreams. I am living into who I am here to be for this world. 

Belle Fleur: Where is your dream destination? 

Emily: France! Traveling by foot or bike with my sweetie, stopping to run and adventure in the French Alps, dipping into museums and hostels, climbing at the Verdon Gorge, eating sensational food and sketching what I see.

Belle Fleur: What was the best advice you were ever given? 

Emily: "Everything will be okay in the end, if its not okay, its not the end" and "When someone shows you their true colors, Listen" -mummy Denison

Belle Fleur: What makes you feel healthy, strong and radiant? 

Emily: Eating incredible food,  playing in the sun / creek time, yoga daily and running or riding my bike with my dog Roo. 

Belle Fleur: If you could give your fifteen year-old self advice, what would it be? 

Emily: You are exactly where you are meant to be

Belle Fleur: What do you hope to see in the future?

Emily: More traveling! 

Belle Fleur: What does “fitness” mean to you? 

Emily: Fitness is a fun word that I don't know if I have ever truly related to. I try my best to listen to my body, push myself when it feels difficult and uncomfortable, be open for change in my routine or even in what's not working.

Belle Fleur: How do you inspire yourself? 

Emily: Affirmations! Setting an intention everyday. Being kind to myself and having a ton of fun. Also allowing myself to be where I am that day.  And knowing that if I kick myself out of bed and go for a run, I am more likely to show up as my "best".

Belle Fleur: What is your favorite film? 

Emily: Ace Ventura When Nature Calls & The Last Unicorn

Belle Fleur: Is there a quote that you relate to your life or turn to in times of need? 

Emily: Just Breathe, Just Be. 

Belle Fleur: Describe yourself in three words.

Emily: Kind, powerful and compassionate. 



Live Freely, 

Local Juicery x Belle Fleur 

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