One of the top complaints I hear for my clients is that they are unable to lose the extra weight around the tummy. This is a big one for many woman. Stress, children, poor diets, to many cocktails... these things can create and keep us from staying super healthy. I've gathered my top 6 tips that I have seen really help with healing the gut and bloating with my clients, I hope these serve you well and help you reach you're a truly radiant, healthy and thriving state of being.


1. EAT REAL FOOD. You've probably heard that phrase "abs are made in the kitchen" before... and It's true.  I have seen more clients change their bodies with food than with fitness. Just to be clear, I'm not saying fitness doesn't play a huge part in helping lose stubborn belly fat. We'll get to the movement tips. Changing your diet takes incredible self-control and discipline, be kind and loving with yourself as you move into a healthier way of being. Eat whole, unprocessed, predominately plant-based food! 

  • Vegetables

  • Leafy greens 

  • Fruits

  • Hydrating foods (lettuce, cucumber, watermelon)

  • Nuts + seeds in moderation 

  • Well sourced fish, pasture-raised eggs and organic grass-fed lean meats if this is in your diet

Steer clear of processed junk foods disguised as good for you food, don't be fooled by packaging, don't eat when you're not hungry, watch the sourcing (organic, local, pasture-raised) drink lots of water, don't over do coffee because it make you crave bad fats, sweet and salt. All things that will add to bloat.

2. SWEAT. Hot Yoga, cycling, spin, running, saunas, HIIT, crossfire, boxing. Whatever gets you sweaty! Get wild, move, challenge yourself. Put on your favorite play list and burn it off. Sweating helps your body remove dirty toxins that keep you from looking and feeling your best. When you move you also release endorphins that help fuel you thought the day with natural healthy energy. 

3. CHEW YOUR FOOD. This will help your body break it down quicker and easier, keeping you from bloating and also helping you limit eating too much. Digestion starts in the mouth! When you really slow down and chew your food you will find that you eat less and enjoy it more.

4. NO PM SNAKING. Stop eating at 6:00. Enjoy your foods in the earlier part of the day and let the evening be for tea, night-time rituals and your family. This is another tip that really helps my clients trying to slim down quickly. You'll notice a difference in two days.

5. FAST. Using intermittent fasting one day a week can help you lose significant amounts of weight. Studies have also shown that by doing this, you also increase your lifespan. Pick a day where you do only juices and enjoy a simple juice cleanse one day a week. 

6. MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR BODY. This one might turn you off, you might resist it, I know I did. If you can find a way to love, accept and even cherish yourself with the "extra" weight, you will likely lose the weight quicker and easier. By leaning in and loving yourself as you are, you will move blocked energy that keeps you from your healthiest body. Breath, forgive, love. 


As always, I support you to listen to your body, to tap in, watch and see what works for you. Maybe you find a super strong probiotic is on your top list, awesome! Do it. Maybe you can't stop eating at 6:30 and have to eat at 8:00, that's okay too... just make good healthy choices for yourself that are grounded in sound thinking and intuition. 

BeautySummer Sanders