It happens to all of us! The days fly by swiftly, it's as if you blink and suddenly there are only 3 days left till the Holiday! We've put together some of our favorite gift ideas that can be purchased at both of our locations.

Giving the gift of health is something we believe in...  And with these beautiful and nourishing products, your friends and loved ones will be delighted. We carry a variety of unique products that we personally use! Tried and true. We also have four unique and satisfying cleanses that can be purchased as a gift and used later! If you feel overwhelmed with gift buying, a simple gift card can is always a sweet way to go.

We are open Christmas Eve but closed on Christmas Day. Come in and let our team help you pick out the perfect gift. 

1. Our set of healthy snacks are the perfect stocking stuffers! Paleo Granola, Kale Chips, and Superfood bars. Need them shipped? No problem, message us at

2. If you or someone you love enjoys Local Jucery and creative raw foods, then they will love our founders book Raw and Radiant. You can purchase in-store or on Amazon.

3. Cap Beauty X Lotus Wei have created an absolutely intoxicating body and room spray. Perfect for after yoga!

4. We have so many amazing Sun Potion products filling our shelves. Adaptogens have a unique way of going into your body and finding the imbalances. They are a true gift from nature. Balance out and tonic up!

5. For the coffee lover, Bulletproof coffee is tested for molds that hijack your brain and leave you feeling jittery. No more crashes with this next level coffee.

6. From our friends at Moon Juice created an amazing supplement called Super You! An amazing multivitamin that gives your energy and builds your immune system while fighting inflammation.

7. Cordyceps from Foursigmatic is the perfect addition to your morning coffee. This amazing mushroom will give you a super immune system and support your endocrine system. The earthy flavor adds depth to any morning tonic or coffee.

8. A Local Juicery gift card is easy for everyone, and always loved. 

9. Herbivore natural skin care is the perfect stocking stuffer. 

10. A prepaid juice cleanses for the New Year for the health-conscious loved ones in your life. Nothing beats this! Buy in-store or online. 

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