Without a doubt, juice has become one of the most popular health foodie staples of our time. From cleanses delivered to your door to juice bars, the revelation has swept the world my storm. But why has juicing been such a success and what does it do to your body? Well, from the desk of Local Juicery and Belle Fleur, we are here to tell you the significance of your body on juice. 

First off, what is cold pressing and why is it so good?The cold-press method is a way to extract the nutrients from fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and herbs while respecting the whole plant. Cold-pressing uses zero heat (like your standard juice bar juicer) from the hydraulic press to your juice, this paired with 25k plus pressure gives you the creamiest, most nutrient-dense juice around. Filled with hydration, fiber, protein (yes, produce has protein too!), vitamins and minerals. 

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Juicing is a way to gently detox your body, maintain a solid immune system and keep you on the high road with vitamins and minerals. One of our most popular juices is our “Shanti Greens” green juice. featuring 100% organic cucumber, spinach, basil, green apple, coconut water, and lime. By combining all of these ingredients, this juice is anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and protect bones.  Drinking juice consistently serves as a great way to increase function of the digestive system and speed up your also helps  to also maintain healthy cholesterol levels and strengthen the immune system. Because of the immense amount of vitamins that are in different fruits and veggies, drinking juice is, in a way, an all purpose “elixir” to help fight against diseases. Lets just call it the fountain of youth! 

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Drinking juice is also a way to get that glow, you can increase the health of your skin, it truly does help you shine from the inside out. So not only are you going to be luxuriously glow aglow, but juicing will also helps to prevent bloating and eliminating harmful toxins to the body. We'll take it! 

If you want to learn more about the benefits of juicing, juice cleanses, or learn sample our juices, please come by either our Flagstaff or Sedona locations and we can help! Juice and healthy eating is our passion and sharing it with all of you means the world to us!  

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